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“They have a solid track record for quality, knowledge and infrastructure requirements. Their turnkey capabilities, financial acumen and insight in partnership with hospitals and physicians gave us the confidence to establish a successful joint venture.”

Allan Fine
Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary


“Our physician partners chose ASCOA after careful deliberation. ASCOA has helped in the management of over 65 surgery centers around the country, making it one of the leaders in the industry. Their management expertise, coupled with the surgical expertise of our physicians, creates an ideal option for the outpatient surgical needs of our citizens.”

Robert E. Coles, MD, AAOS
Surgical Center of Morehead City
Morehead City, NC


“ASCOA planned and orchestrated the transformation of a failed surgery center on Long Island into the Melville Surgery Center, making it into a great success. Our practice could not have succeeded without ASCOA’s guidance and expertise.”

David L. Benisch, MD, FACS
Melville Surgery Center
Melville, NY


“We chose ASCOA as an ASC partner for one simple reason. They have a flawless track record—they’ve never failed in an industry where 50% of ASCs lose money. We found ASCOA’s efficiency produced an extra day of time on average in a 5-day week. A surgeon performing 200 cases per year could do 300 cases under the ASCOA model—all other things being equal. Our patients loved the environment, and we were in total control. The financial rewards were simply stunning. I recommend ASCOA without hesitation.”

David J. Abraham, MD, AAOS
The Reading Neck & Spine Center
Reading, PA