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ASCOA allows hospitals and physicians to focus on their strategy and practices, rather than running an ambulatory surgery center.

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Hospital Joint Ventures

In a new healthcare reality, it’s more important than ever for hospitals and health systems to maximize market share while suppressing costs. With ASCOA as the corporate partner, a Hospital-Physician Joint Venture can accomplish both. The ASC not only helps backfill the hospital ORs with the best cases, it acts as a way to attract the most productive surgeons in the market.

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Learn How ASCOA Increased The Profitability Of 67 Surgical Centers

Recent statistics indicate that 50 – 60% of all ambulatory surgery centers nationwide either lose money or only break even. ASCOA’s turnaround model has earned it the industry reputation as The Turnaround Experts®. In many centers, the partners go from capital calls to profit distributions in as few as 90 days.

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Ensure Profitable Surgery Center Development With ASCOA

When ASCOA develops a new center, the physician partners rely on its expertise before ever breaking ground. These services include certificate of need waivers/applications, state licensure applications, the Medicare certification process and accreditation. ASCOA handles the architectural design and engineering of the surgery center and manages the construction process.

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1. What services does ASCOA provide?

ASCOA forms equity partnerships with physicians and hospitals to start, acquire, turnaround, manage and recruit for ambulatory surgery centers. Partners can expect superior patient care with outstanding financial returns.

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