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Most ASCs average profitability in the 20% range whereas ASCOA’s average is nearly twice that amount. The unique model of physician recruitment, payer contracting, cost control and operational efficiency allow the centers to perform with outstanding results. One of the intangible benefits for physician partners is the transparent flow of information to and from ASCOA. Pro forma analyses with uncommon detail. Highly successful recruiting processes.

Disciplined operations methods. Hospitals and surgeons don’t just hire a manager with ASCOA, they get a partner that fully demonstrates all aspects of ASC success. ASCOA dedicates more resources than other ASC companies in the management of each center–insuring its profitability. Based on our experiences with surgery centers at all stages of development, we’ve developed detailed surgery center development financial models and sophisticated surgical center turnaround financial models.

Not only does ASCOA lead the industry in financial performance, its benchmarks set the standard for quality patient care. ASCOA’s perspective on clinical excellence is unique in that the principals are all surgeons. One of the founders is still practicing full time.

The principals entered the industry after building ASC’s for their own cases; therefore, no ASC company knows more about outcomes and clinical care standards–being actual providers of healthcare. This makes ASCOA’s offering unique.

The goal of each surgery center is to increase the surgeon partners’ efficiency, provide a significant stream of income and improve the quality of the surgeons’ professional life. In a hospital joint venture, the ASC transforms from a drain on the balance sheet to a healthy contributor to its outcomes data and profits. With ASCOA as a managing, minority partner in the center, the surgeons can focus on caring for patients. The surgeons and hospital will both realize more than if they were each the sole owners. Since ASCOA works across the country, they’ve encountered virtually every situation hospitals and surgeons will face in forming, fixing and operating an ASC.