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Case Study: Texarkana, TX


Opened in 2005 as a single-specialty ASC, the center merged with another ASC after three years in order to expand surgical services. Between 2008 and 2011, the physician owners worked with three different management companies but the center was not meeting expectations.

In late 2011, the building owner recognized that the center was in jeopardy and in an effort to help his tenant, contacted ASCOA. The landlord was familiar with ASCOA through a previous business arrangement and knew they had the expertise needed.


Twenty-four hours after contact from the landlord, ASCOA representatives were in Texarkana meeting with Center’s physician owners to assess the situation. ASCOA’s history of success gave the physician owners confidence to move forward, despite the previously unsuccessful attempts at a turnaround.

Within just one week, ASCOA established an interim management agreement with the Center immediately brought in an Operations team to implement the ASCOA model.


Just two months after ASCOA assumed management, partners received their first distributions. Additional surgeons have been added in Spine, ENT and Ophthalmology. In the first 4 months of ASCOA ownership and management, case volume increased 66% and revenues increased 63%.