Hospital Executive Joint Venture

Hospital Joint Ventures

The strategy where hospitals and surgeons can achieve viability to their mutual benefit.

ASCOA helps physicians and hospitals partner together to develop surgery centers. 25 years of surgery center management experience in over 65 ASCs provides invaluable benefits for physicians and hospitals alike.

Today’s reality demands that hospitals and health systems deliver lower cost care while maintaining focus on patient outcomes and growing market share. With this in mind, how does the hospital make its ORs productive when they’re near capacity? How can the hospital attract the best surgical talent and increase loyalty? How does the hospital protect case volume while simultaneously safeguarding quality of care?

When structured properly, an ASC Joint Venture can accomplish the complex objectives of hospital leadership. No other structure provides mutually sustainable growth for the hospital-physician relationship while giving the patient a superior outcome and experience. The right corporate partner navigates surgeon recruitment, payer contracting, ASC management and regulatory environments to make hospital-physician joint ventures highly profitable and operationally successful.

Why Hospital-Physician Surgery Centers Need ASCOA

ASCOA delivers the most efficient and profitable business model in surgery centers today. The disciplined management approach, combined with leading quality care standards and continuous physician recruitment has made ASCOA the leading surgery center company in the country. That’s why joint ventures rely on ASCOA to increase volume and keep both quality and income maximized. Surgeons can benefit from the hospital’s help in certificate of need situations and increasing average revenue per case. The hospital benefits from re-negotiated payer contracts and benchmarked staff and supply costs as a percentage of collections.