De novo / Development

ASCOA's experience in new construction centers.

In certain situations, ASCOA partners with physicians and/or a hospital to develop a new ambulatory surgery center. In addition to its core process, ASCOA performs all the necessary applications for certificate of need (CON), CON waivers, state licenses, Medicare, accreditation and other necessary requirements. Since many ambulatory surgery centers are overbuilt, ASCOA carefully analyzes the case volume, costs, and reimbursement for all surgeon partners. This analysis and subsequent pro forma then impact the design, construction and capital equipment procurement for the ASC.

Based on experience with surgery centers at all stages of development, ASCOA has developed detailed surgery center development and turnaround financial models. ASCOA integrates the experience with the unique circumstances of each facility to bring out the best across all centers clinically and financially.

All new development projects follow ASCOA’s proven surgical center development financial model, based on lessons learned with its centers nationwide. ASCOA and its legal counsel work through any leasing or permitting issues. ASCOA oversees the construction process from the initial designs to obtaining the certificate of occupancy. ASCOA then works with the existing center administrator or acts as interim administrator while recruiting new talent. Once the surgery center opens, ASCOA manages the daily operation and continues to recruit additional physicians to grow its overall case volume.