ASCOA Administrator Named as ‘Leader During Facility Expansion’

ASCOA Administraor Carol Slagle was included as one of ’10 Surgery Center Leaders During Facility Expansions’, on a list recently published by Becker’s ASC Review.

Carol S. Slagle, CASC (Specialty Surgery Center of CNY in Liverpool, N.Y.). Ms. Slagle has been the administrator of Specialty Surgery Center of CNY, which is managed by ASCOA, since its inception in 1999. She says the experience of setting up Specialty Surgery Center was incredible. “It was an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to be hired and oversee the build-out and initial set-up of all operations of our surgery center, ” she says. While the surgery center started out with five physicians and 11 employees with a specialization in ophthalmology, the ASC has since become a multispecialty center and currently has 31 credentialed surgeons and 54 employees. “We underwent a major expansion and total renovation of the ASC in 2009 and successfully orchestrated this project while open for business, ” Ms. Slagle says. Ms. Slagle was in the first group to take the CASC credential test and was awarded the CASC credential shortly thereafter. The surgery center performed 8, 965 cases in 2011.